Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yay indeed! I won one of those Sew, Mama Sew contests. Aren't I a lucky girl? I only entered a few. Didn't expect to win. But so glad I did and the best kind of contest, too -- one with a fabric prize!

So thanks to Sarah from EmmyLoeBeeDoo for holding a contest and picking me!

The fabric is Heather Bailey. Doesn't it scream summery picnic? What would you make out of one yard of this gem?


  1. Lucky!! I entered probably 100 of those giveaways (including hosting one myself) and I didn't win anything! :( Maybe next year.

  2. That is a skirt to wear with a yellow tank top and big green beads.

  3. Congrats, it's so cute! That fabric would look great as a vintage-style apron. Maybe some lace on the bottom?