Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two more skirts and I am ready for summer

I finished two more skirts last week for The Summer of No Pants, and finally have the photo evidence ready to go.

For both of these, I used this tutorial for the "Shirt Skirt." My friend Kim found it, and in an attempt to enable my sewing addiction, posted it to my Facebook page. I think I churned out the first skirt less than 24 hours later. And it was my easiest one yet.

I need to make like 35 of these. So fast. (Cut off the bottom of a shirt. Shir the top to make a waistband. You're done!) So comfy. So I-can-wear-this-on-my-chunkiest-day-and-still-feel-kinda-cute.

Eh, who needs shoes?
This one is made from my husband's old polo-type shirt. It was the only shirt in his closet he was willing to part with. It's a little faded and the hem-line isn't even. But I was eager to try this, and you know, I like it despite those flaws. I saw this yellow trim at Haberman's when I was there to purchase my lip cord for the monogrammed pillow and bought it without really having a purpose for it. I placed it sort of randomly around and sewed it across the top. Cute!

Then for $8 I bought a new men's white and grey stripped T-shirt from Marshall's. I know, spending $8 for a shirt to chop up is kind of weird. But it was worth it -- because I truly think I will wear this skirt practically every day this summer. It is that comfy.

Staring wistfully out to sea.... well, Lake St. Clair anyway.
I started to make my third one last night, from a thrifted men's golf shirt. But the elastic isn't tight enough, if that makes sense. Like, three rows into the shirring I can tell it isn't going to tighten up the waist band enough. It's going to be too big. Any idea why that is? Something with the tension?

Whether I finish that one or not, I will be making more of these for sure. And hey, to any "real life" friends reading! Come over and watch my kids, bring me the men's large shirt of your choice, and I'll make one for you, too!

So The Summer of No Pants can now commence. I'm ready!

Oh and wait, one more thing. Help me out with something. I thrifted this cute sherbert colored linen skirt for $1 and am questioning something.

I love the color. Love the linen. I've already cut out the polyester lining. And it fits OK, but it is high-waisted, like above my belly button. And if it isn't sitting in the right spot, that damn front butt starts bubbling up. I sort of want to chop the top off and add some kid of elastic waist band. But there is a zipper running through the back and it's not like it's a huge skirt. Maybe I just need to let it out a bit? Or maybe just wear it up around my belly-button where it belongs? I'm so new at this upcycling and clothes altering thing... If you have advice for me, I'd love to hear it!

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  1. Those skirts look SO comfy! Thanks for linking @'Sew Cute Tuesday'!

  2. i love your blog name!
    if i had nice legs like that too, i'd sew some skirts. super cute. (alas, i don't have nice legs so i stick to capris and longer skirts).

    and, hey, if you can sew, you can quilt!
    i used to be intimidated by it, too, but it's really fun :)

  3. Nice job. I have a skirt that is giving me fits too. It too has a zipper. I decided the elastic bands are more comfy and easier so I am sticking with them. I would love to make a linen skirt too! Nice job!

  4. Hi I am your new google friend follower, saw you on smwyg linky, Karima x

  5. I love the gray and white stripes! Stripes are so in this summer. Looks cute and comfy!!

  6. I love your blog. We are pirate fans at our house too. I just finished a pirate pug onesie. I am following your blog now. Stop by www.cookieandclaire.blogspot.com