Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday sale haul and other odds and ends

Were there a bazillion garage sales in your neck of the woods today? I could barely drive a block without running into another sign for a sale. Throw in one big Mom-to-Mom sale and it was a thrifty Saturday indeed.

This was my haul. All for about $20: A fireman dress-up vest and hat, two life jackets ($5 for the pair, and so perfect since we have a trip to the lake coming in less than a month), two pairs of shorts for Jack, one pair of sandals for Luke, a pair of shoes for Jack, four summery one-piece outfits for Jack and a Halo sleep sack. Oh yes, and the cute little pink basket for storing... something... for .25.

Two things I saw that must be noted: the exact same double stroller I bought secondhand for $28 a couple of months ago -- a purchase I have been bragging about to everyone -- was on sale for $20 at one sale I stopped at. Not fair! And I passed on buying an old Kenmore sewing machine for $10. I don't know exactly how old it was, but it looked like a clunker to me, not like something "vintage" that will work beautifully and make your sewing room look one thousand percent cooler, too. Mistake to pass? You tell me! 

Did you go thrifting this weekend? I'd love to see what you found! Drop a link in the comments and I'll come ogle.

A couple of other quick blogging housekeeping tidbits. You love those, right?

First up, my quilted sun glass case tutorial was featured today on Maybe Matilda! I'm so excited to add this little button to my "Featured" page. Tear! Thanks, Rachel!


And over on the blog My Own Road, Jen announced this week an upcoming series called Button Down Rehab, and I'm taking part. Yes indeed, I who did not know how to sew little more than a year ago is guest posting on someone else's blog with a tutorial of my very own. Is Jen crazy or what? All kidding aside, I was so flattered to be asked, and it's been a lot of fun turning a dingy old button down into something fab. The series starts on June 20th, so consider this your head's up!


  1. Great finds! I'm totally overdue for a visit to the local thrift store. And can I say how psyched I am that it's grage sale season again? My hoarding is going to reach an all-time high. And I'm so excited about your guest post, can't wait to see your finished project!

  2. My garage sale fever is ramping up big time! I am getting so incredibly cheap. I can barely stand to buy anything new, I swear! I keep thinking about how much cheaper it would be if I could just find it second hand.

    Excited to participate!