Saturday, June 18, 2011

I guess that makes me doubly lucky

Ever since Jack was born, like any new parents, we've been trying to peg who he looks like. Me? My husband? Or someone else in the family. It's been a major toss-up. Unlike Luke, whom everyone agreed took after me, no one has been able to peg J.J. (The mailman perhaps?)

Until this picture surfaced.

Let's see if we have a match.

Do you see it?

Let's try another angle!

OK, do you see it?

He looks just like that sweet baby in the first picture. 

Same blue eyes, same round head, same checks, same nose. He's the spitting image of my Dad.

Somehow, I look nothing like my Dad, but my kid looks just like him. I guess some things skip a generation, huh?

I hope a few of my Dad's other traits leap down to my boys. His generosity, his hard work ethic, his sense of responsibility. His playfulness. I hope my kids are always there for their own kids, like my Dad was for me. Through my childhood, writing down my swimming splits, or playing catch with me in the street, or even shopping with me at the mall, holding up every ugly outfit under the sun to see if I liked it. And today, helping literally raise my kids by babysitting them so regularily and driving 45 minutes to see me if I even hint that I could use some help.

I think we expect Moms to find the time to make it to all these things, and Dads kind of get off easy. But both my parents were there for me, always. And still are. I'm really lucky.

I think my boys are lucky, too.

Seeing my husband be the fantastic father he is -- so involved, so kind, so fun, so responsible -- makes me pretty much swoon. My kids are really lucky. And I hate to brag, but I guess that makes me doubly lucky, doesn't it? Yes, I think it does.

Happy Father's Day to two of the best fathers I know!

Oh, and geez, I'm really going to brag now... But there is another great Dad in my life. My Father-in-Law! Can't leave him out! He actually gets to be the star tomorrow. I whipped him up something special for Father's Day, and I'm sharing the tutorial as a guest blogger over on Jen's blog, My Own Road. It's part of the Button-Down Rehab series. I hope you'll come check it out!

My Own Road Button Down Rehab

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