Friday, May 13, 2011

Things I dig Friday: Summer stripes

Blogger had a bad day on Thursday, and so this post is a little bit delayed. I typically use nap time to write my post for the next day, and yesterday at that time, the site was down. And it continued to be down all morning. And then at today's nap time, which is just wrapping up, my three-month old was waah-waah-waahing and would not let me put him down. Is he teething already? Crimey! I don't know. But alas, both kids are, for this very brief moment, asleep. So here's an abbreviated version of Things I Dig Friday, which is where I point out some things around blog land that I think are lovely or wonderful or funny or some other positive emotion. Because maybe you'll like them, too.

Today's very loose theme: Summer stripes.

 Is this bag not adorable? I love the stripes and the small ruffle. It's from the Etsy shop "The Winding Road," and all of the proceeds (this bag is $30) in her shop go to charity. ALL the proceeds! Isn't that incredibly generous? Her charity of choice is in Haiti, and we all know how much help those people need. And you need to be cute. So it's a win-win. Awesome.

So comfy. Love the bright stripes. And this shirt is supposedly so easy to make, the tutorial from Craft Gossip reports that it can be done in about 30 minutes. I'd jump right on it, but she uses a rayon/jersey knit blend, and that's where I start to get intimidated. I know how to sew with cotton. And fleece. And hmmm... linen? Felt. But not anything that is truly stretchy. I am betting it is really not all that complicated and I should just get over it and go for it. So I can have simple, stylish yet wearable shirts like this.

(And this is where the "stripes" theme of this week's roundup comes to a screeching halt.)

If you're a new sewer, like me, perhaps you are slowly catching on to the "names." The brand names, the big-shot fabric designers, the modern pattern makers, etc. A year ago, none of these folks were "famous" to me. Now, I'm learning who's who and why I should care. I love learning about my new hobby, and I love interviews, and so this interview at Hello Craft with Children's designer Liesl Gibson of the Oliver + S line was great reading. I really want her new book. It's on my list.

Anna from Noodle-head is one of my favorite bloggers. Her projects always turn out so lovely. I love the way she mixes fabrics and solids. She often uses neutral linens and patchwork. It's funny, because I am always drawn to pattern and color. But the way she mixes those neutrals with more colorful fabrics makes them shine even more. It's made me think about what I use in my own projects. Anyway, this is her newest project, an apron she made for her mother. Isn't it pretty? In love!

OK, that's it for this week. I have some sewing to finish for a friend's birthday present. I'll share it with you next week. Tonight, some girls are going out to help her celebrate, and I'm crossing my fingers that the wee one will settle down by then so I can get out for a few hours. Tomorrow, I have a thrift-shopping date with another friend, and Sunday it is a friend of Luke's birthday party.

Busy weekend! It really feels like summer now -- sunshine, humidity and a packed schedule. What are you up to this weekend? Any sewing or crafting to finish?

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my bag! And thanks for sharing that striped shirt link, I want to make that!