Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rust Belt Market and Mom2Moming

Photos from the Rust Belt Market on Sunday
On Sunday, after a fabulous Mother's Day breakfast (more on that coming later this week) and a trip to church, my friend Kim and I ventured to Ferndale to check out the brand new Rust Belt Market. The developers took an Old Navy site and turned it into a permanent craft/art/vintage fair that will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the weekends. It's received a lot of press, and it seemed everyone I knew was talking about it.

The place was throbbing Sunday. Packed! There was a buzz in the air, for sure. A folksy singer belted songs from a stage right in the center of the shop. The sound billowed around the tall, rustic space. Just like an art festival, the artists were there sitting by their goods, ready to strike up a conversation or answer a question. Spots can be rented for as little as a single day, so there is always going to be something new (at least, I'd imagine so).

More than a place like the Yellow Door in Berkley -- another place I just love to shop -- this seemed geared toward the vintage side of things. I nearly bought a rainbow colored sun dress, but it was too big. I also ogled a $160 vintage typewriter. And a small, blue ceramic bird. There was less to take in on the handmade side of things, but I did leave with a two pairs of earrings from Bonjour Birdie. And I had to have a mini-whoopie pie from Sugar Skates. According to Facebook, that makes me one of some 270 mini-whoopie pie consumers!

I'm excited about this addition to the shopping scene. Anything that promotes local artists is a positive in my book! Of course, I went sporting my new bag. I will have the tutorial for the "Going on a Walk" bag tomorrow!

Earlier last weekend, I did shopping of a different kind. I went Mom2Moming. If you aren't from Michigan, it's possible you've never heard of a Mom 2 Mom sale. I hear they are a Michigan thing. But if you live in some other state, seriously, you need to try to get this trend to spread!

Here's how it works. Nearly every Saturday, aside from big holiday weekends, there are Mom2Mom sales around town at schools, churches and community halls. They typically cost $1-$2 to get in. Moms rent tables for something like $15 or $20 and sell all their old baby stuff. Clothes, shoes, strollers, car seats, toys, Pack N' Plays, everything.  On a good Saturday, there are two in my area for me to check out. There's a handy Web site that lists just about all of them.  I try to get there early to get the best pick.

This Saturday, I hit up two sales. One had about 65 tables, the other 25. It's like going to almost 100 garage sales, except all they are selling is kid stuff, and you can be in and out in an hour or so. Amazing!

Here's my haul from this week:

A sunhat for Luke. I wanted to study how it was made so I could get the sizing right for when I make my own. Then in the bottom photo, there is a swimsuit with a matching hat for Jack, a shirt for Luke, a Carter's PJ set for Luke, a Children's Place sweater for Luke, a Gymboree outfit that was too-die-for cute with a matching sun hat for Jack, and three pairs of shorts (including one Gymboree) for Luke. All of these were in great condition. And I paid $13 total! OK, $16 if you count admission. Not bad, right?  

I honestly rarely buy anything new. What's the point? If you're a Michigander, are you on the Mom2Mom train? If you're elsewhere, where do you go to find great used kids deals -- or do you?

Finally sorry to those for follow me on RSS for preemptively publishing two blog post drafts yesterday. My bad! I guess you got a sneak peak!

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