Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring cleaning, take one!

I have never done a real "spring cleaning" before. Of course, I've never been on maternity leave in the spring either. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not like being on maternity leave with a 2.5 year old and a baby is a vacation. I am busy still. But there is something about being home that, despite how frantic these two boys keep me, makes me want to fix everything in my sight up. Little corners of my home that I did not give a damn about are suddenly calling to me, insisting that I clean them. For the first time since we moved in more than four years ago.

Yes, Betty Homemaker I am not, not when it comes to cleaning. Want an example of what a slob I can be? When I was a teen, I used to take cans of peaches to my room and eat the fruit right outta the can. Then I'd leave the can in some corner or some shelf and go about the rest of my business (you know, strolling the mall for troll dolls, practicing my very important lines as a Salvation Army marcher in the musical Guys and Dolls). I'd leave the can there for days. I know... ew. Then I'd rediscover it when a cloud of fruit flies formed around it. Ew EW. My mom would just shake her head and tell me I needed to stop being a slop. I remember my defense: "But mom, this is just who I am!" I think in a way, I was right!

But I'm trying to clean up my act. And my basement.

Yesterday, it began. And it started with this icky corner of my laundry room.

Isn't it pretty?

Here's another look.

You're scared something dead is behind that door, right?

I decided yesterday I could not take looking at this ugly weird white-painted scraggly wooded wall anymore. So I opened up a can of yellow paint, a sample size I purchased in the fall when we were picking colors for our dining room.

I didn't even tell my husband. He was upstairs with Luke. J.J. was sleeping. I grabbed my supplies and just went at it, before anyone could stop me.

Here it is in progress. Getting better. I had to run to the paint store to buy a small brush to get into the corners. Once back, I made a decision.... This one wall would not be enough. I am going to have to paint the entire room. Of course, I don't have enough paint for that. And there is stuff (read: the mountains of laundry I ignore!) everywhere. I can't exactly tackle the rest right away. I guess there is a reason people usually plan their painting adventures.

Oh well. I did as much as I could with the paint I had on hand, finishing up during nap time.

And here is what I see today when I pull my clothes out of the dyer:

Better, right?

I am slowly going to tackle the rest of the room. Then? Maybe the floor. It's super ugly and stained and ick. I wonder if I could put something else right over it. Or paint it? Not sure. And eventually, a drop ceiling? Cute laundry-themed art for the walls? This is the problem with making one part of a yucky room look better. Soon you are renovating and redoing everything.

But for such an impulsive move, I have to say, I'm happy so far! Not bad for a slob, eh?

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  1. Very impressed with your impromptu remodel. It looks good.