Monday, March 28, 2011


My husband and I went on a date yesterday. A couples' massage and dinner. We are trying to go on regular dates. It's very hard with two little ones. And a limited budget. We threw the budget out the window yesterday, obvs, but we can't do that once a week. And yeah, we'd like to go on a date once a week. Is that crazy thinking?

How do you do date nights? Are they important for your marriage?

When we're not living the high-life, I've been working on a bag for my dear friend Kim. She is potentially moving far, far away in a few months. It's a strange position for her and her husband; he is potentially going to be promoted at work to a position that is overseas. Far, far away overseas. They're awaiting word and in the meantime, pondering so many things -- if it happens, what to do with their home, their dog, their stuff. How to say goodbye for three years to their friends. Kim is an amazing friend, the one who is always, always there for you. She loves my sons so much and is amazing with Luke especially. When she comes over, Luke and I fight for who will get to play with her. He tries to squirrel her away in his bedroom and kick me out. I understand though: Kim is that great!

So of course, I don't want her to go. Sniff, sniff. But just in case she does, I'm working on this bag from Etsy shop Sew Take A Hike as a going away gift. The pattern is called the Wrap It Up Bag. It was my first time purchasing a pattern/tutorial from It worked very well. Easy to follow, very clear. I recommend! Of course, I love all the free tutorials out there. But it's great, too, to know I am supporting someone in this crafty online community, even just a little bit.

Here's how it looked before I added the strap. Still working on that -- need to go buy a snap.

What do you think? Will she love?

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